06 September 2013


More resilient today, than I was last time I posted. I've gardened as much as I can this summer, and have been reaping the benefits. Have eaten LOTS of peas. Shelling peas, snap peas, snow peas. Yellow podded snow peas, purple podded soup peas. Beans in several colors (easier to see purple pods, than green pods, for sure). Fava beans. Kale. Madras Podding RadishTrombocino squash and Costata Romanesco squash. Five kinds of cucumbers. Tomatoes. Swiss Chard. Mustards. Lettuces. Dill. Carrots. Beets. Endive. White Alpine Strawberries, Red Alpine Strawberries, Tristar strawberries, figs, blueberries, plums, parsley, elephant garlic. Have had LOTS of fun with granddaughters (1 biological, 1 borrowed) in the garden. "Nana, can we eat some kale/peas/berries?"

Am also sewing. Two new potholders, and a new placemat (chicken-themed, of course). 4 tops, and 4 pairs of shorts for small girls. One light blue flowered skirt, two gypsy skirts, one summer nightgown, all for small girls. Have purged my own wardrobe, and repaired or slightly modified some items to make them more wearable.I am eyeing fabric with thoughts towards sewing for myself, also. Some of my long-ago purchases are a little difficult to remember what I was thinking about at the time. Cherry red baby corduroy, with red and purple flowers on it? Four yards of it? Possible little girl jumpers from some of it. Do have hot pink corduroy, green corduroy, black corduroy, lavender plaid flannel, and still have some AWESOME purple wool (enough for a cloak!).

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