30 May 2013

How much I am going to be able to stand, before it is easier to just let go and die? I keep doing all of the expected state paperwork, and my food stamps are now down to $17.00 per month. When I was working, they were $72.00 per month. Now, with no job, injured self, barely able to stand up long enough to take a shower, I get $17.00, and have a $2,000+ spend-down before I will get medical coverage again. Today, a friend tell me that my brain-damaged partner was seen (and reported) eating sugary munchies out of the bulk bins where he volunteers. He knows that he should not be eating sugar for health reasons. He knows he should not be snacking, unpaid, for ethical reasons. Doesn't matter. He will do it anyway. I will have to have him resign his volunteer work there, which is a hit to our disastrous finances, as it got us grocery discounts. How much more can I take, and how much more beaten down will I get, before it is too much?

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  1. sending love and kindhearted wishes your way... not much I can do to help, but you are in my thoughts...