09 March 2018


So. I got to bed at a reasonable time. I mostly ate balanced yesterday. I swam recently. I have music on this morning.

I am crying.

What more can I do.

I had hoped, when I first started a blog, to have it be celebration of all that I find joy it, because there is a lot. Each and every joyous thing comes with the addendum; but.

So, just a warning to all, this blog is really a descent. Into what, I know not.

That is all I can say today.

08 March 2018

Thursday Night

Rather discouraged tonight. Did get to swim yesterday, but couldn't get myself committed to doing it today. Sadness everywhere. Wanting to make comments  on Facebook, but keep loosing the posts, when I get interrupted. Tried out google voice, and think I could maybe post faster that way, rather than my one-finger typing on a cell phone touch screen. The problem is, my words work differently. They don't have the same weight when i speak them, as when I type them.
I do not even have the mental energy to pet the google doodle, and see if it does anything, or find out what it is about.

07 March 2018


Am trying something out, to set the tone(!) for the day. As I dismiss the alarm, I opened up a playlist. Today, it was a playlist that I started when I was first exploring playlists. It is labeled 'Instrumental'. And what does it contain? Several music videos by Lindsey Stirling. These do not suffer by only being listened to, not viewed. After those, there is a piece that I saw performed live, in a local coffee shop, last year. It is a violin, viola duet that I really like. Here, I hope, is a link to it done live in 2016.

Well, can't quite figure out how to link to it from a phone. Look up Passacaglia by Johan Halvorsen, performed by Kristin Lee and Matthew Lippman.

06 March 2018


I have recently self-prescribed a daily dose of music. This is in aid of maintaining equilibrium. So I entered the world of youtube, and began creating playlists. And then discovered that I couldn't remember a lot of the music that I was hearing in those days. So I tried searching for 'Music of the 1960's'. Hah! Score! Found that somebody else (many somebodies) had done it for me. So I now have lots of playlists to listen my way through. I am creating my own playlists from there, of the songs that caught something of me from that time.

03 March 2018


Each time lately, when I have had a few minutes to "walk the property", I have said to myself, I said "Self, there is nice, fresh food out here. Self, you need to remember what is out here to add to the limited stocks of aging food that are inside." And then, of course, by the time I am inside, and divest Self of wraps, packs, travel cups, and cane, Self has forgotten what is there. Today, Self was wise. Self made a list on the Phone of All Duties. And then copied the list onto the food supply white board, so:


Bloody dock

Big mallow



Swiss chard

Radish leaves



Garlic chives

Osoberry leaves

Salad burnet

Elephant garlic

I then asked Doug to cut up an onion, and sautee it in olive oil, because very many satisfying meals start out that way. Meanwhile, I went back outside with a large bowl and scissors. I thought about which leaves were more robust, and could hold their own in a soup. I had just barely enough light to harvest them, and remove sad leaves. I came back in with sorrel, bloody dock, large mallow, swiss chard, radish leaves, and kale. I gave them to Doug, who washed them and cut them up fairly small. They were added to the pot of sauteed onions for a few minutes of light sauteing, and then two cups of beef broth were added. Two baked potatoes were also cut up small and added. This was then brought to a boil for a few minutes, to cook the leaves. The temperature was turned down and one and one half cups of half & half were added, just long enough to heat. Served with a slice of toast with extra sharp white cheddar cheese on it, we both gobbled it down, num.

06 October 2017

Hurrah, hurrah!

Today, I went to avail myself of the Teen Tech Tutors that the library provides. I had a list THIS LONG of issues that I want to resolve, to more easily use my various bits of technology. I currently do NOT have access to a teenager of my own, to help me out. My previous friend/buddy/tech support has gone off to college. In computers, of course.

So I was shown many things about my cell phone. How to move things to my SD card, to open up general space. It was suggested that I download & install a mobile version of blogger, to be able to add new posts easily. I learned a few techniques to conserve power. I learned why I loose half finished FB posts & sometimes can't ever find them again after a phone call interrupts me. A VERY good start. I also didn't even go near the free cookies. Thank you, tutor, you were awesome! I will go back.

10 February 2017

Incremental Progress

Well, am reminding myself, as others keep telling me, that a little bit of progress is still progress. Last summer, I dog sat for a long time crew of four-footed friends. Followed M around, over a large territory, to inspect and scoop her droppings. Re-ingesting medications she is on would be VERY BAD, indeed. I was VERY worried about being able to keep up with her this time. I had decided that if I had as much trouble this time, as I did last summer, I would have to ask her family if there was anybody else able to dog sit in the future, as I don't want to jeopardize her health. I am doing better! I was able to keep up with her much somewhat more easily. Very pleased, as she (and her pack) have been an intermittent part of my life for many years.