06 October 2017

Hurrah, hurrah!

Today, I went to avail myself of the Teen Tech Tutors that the library provides. I had a list THIS LONG of issues that I want to resolve, to more easily use my various bits of technology. I currently do NOT have access to a teenager of my own, to help me out. My previous friend/buddy/tech support has gone off to college. In computers, of course.

So I was shown many things about my cell phone. How to move things to my SD card, to open up general space. It was suggested that I download & install a mobile version of blogger, to be able to add new posts easily. I learned a few techniques to conserve power. I learned why I loose half finished FB posts & sometimes can't ever find them again after a phone call interrupts me. A VERY good start. I also didn't even go near the free cookies. Thank you, tutor, you were awesome! I will go back.

10 February 2017

Incremental Progress

Well, am reminding myself, as others keep telling me, that a little bit of progress is still progress. Last summer, I dog sat for a long time crew of four-footed friends. Followed M around, over a large territory, to inspect and scoop her droppings. Re-ingesting medications she is on would be VERY BAD, indeed. I was VERY worried about being able to keep up with her this time. I had decided that if I had as much trouble this time, as I did last summer, I would have to ask her family if there was anybody else able to dog sit in the future, as I don't want to jeopardize her health. I am doing better! I was able to keep up with her much somewhat more easily. Very pleased, as she (and her pack) have been an intermittent part of my life for many years.

21 September 2016


So, do you have pixies in you house? The mischievous kind. Mine used to trade me forks for spoons. Every six months I would have to go to Value Village and buy more spoons, and donate thirty or fourty forks. But THIS time they brought something BACK! Thank you!  About six weeks ago I brought home lovely rosemary rolls and english muffins.  These treasures usually get placed on the prep counter, sliced, and then frozen. Lovely nuggets of treat to go in the toaster. We both clearly remember them landing on the prep counter, and then poof! Not on the counter, not in the frig. Not in the small freezer, not in the chest freezer. Not in the kitchen storage cupbords or shelves. Not in the spare pantry area in the other bedroom. Are we SURE they are not in the chest freezer? Take almost everything out of freezer. BOTH of us inspect. No rolls or english muffins. Sadness.
Last night, while searching for bread in the freezer, which I was pretty sure we didn't have, the pixies heard our need, and gave them back to us! Rosemary sourdough rolls, and english muffins! Happy dance and thank yous to pixies!

21 May 2016


Well, have switched around what I am feeding Squirrel, and he is doing much better! Skin looks healthy, lesions are gone, behavior is lively and engaged. Gaining a bit of weight, even.

Spring salad harvested moments ago. Some spicy mesclun mix planted a bit ago, Claytonia perfoliata which volunteers here, and sage blossoms which moved here with me.

07 April 2016

Looking back

Looking over some of the sites I used to follow. Still incredibly inspired by Cob Cottage Company. Will I ever be able to live in a space that pleases me?

Goodbye to Squirrel

We are going to have to say goodbye to my brown tabby, Squirrel, recently pictured sleeping in my bathroom sink. Have overstretched my resources, to find that he is severely diabetic. Would need many dollars for further testing to determine insulin dosage, need insulin pen, cat glucose meter, and a continuing supply of needles, test strips, and pokers. Couldn't afford it for myself, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, cannot afford it now. He is only 11! With having lost Sir to bone cancer earlier this year, am feeling scared about how many more of my four footed family I am going to lose this year.

06 March 2016

Well, today I got to go watch my daughter at the local Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) rapier practice! She is quite new at it, but is working hard. The surprising thing is how much muscle and tendon strength it takes to hold up and wave around a one and one half pound sword at arms length. She was having so much fun that she overdid it. Sad arm! It was good to see her so uncomplicatedly HAPPY, working at learning a new set of movement skills. One of her strengths is movement. Special daughter!