07 April 2016

Looking back

Looking over some of the sites I used to follow. Still incredibly inspired by Cob Cottage Company. Will I ever be able to live in a space that pleases me?

Goodbye to Squirrel

We are going to have to say goodbye to my brown tabby, Squirrel, recently pictured sleeping in my bathroom sink. Have overstretched my resources, to find that he is severely diabetic. Would need many dollars for further testing to determine insulin dosage, need insulin pen, cat glucose meter, and a continuing supply of needles, test strips, and pokers. Couldn't afford it for myself, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, cannot afford it now. He is only 11! With having lost Sir to bone cancer earlier this year, am feeling scared about how many more of my four footed family I am going to lose this year.

06 March 2016

Well, today I got to go watch my daughter at the local Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) rapier practice! She is quite new at it, but is working hard. The surprising thing is how much muscle and tendon strength it takes to hold up and wave around a one and one half pound sword at arms length. She was having so much fun that she overdid it. Sad arm! It was good to see her so uncomplicatedly HAPPY, working at learning a new set of movement skills. One of her strengths is movement. Special daughter!

04 March 2016

Cats. Go figure.

Well, PT was exhausting and left me with VERY intense awareness of some muscles that are being required to WORK. Soaking in the downtown pool, at 84 degrees F afterwards was much appreciated.

25 February 2016

Well, another visit to hip surgeon, today. He is VERY HAPPY with how I am healing. I may now, with suitable caution, put on my right ankle brace assembly. Whoop de doo! I may now trim my toenails myself, on my right foot! Just, no falling down. No visit needed, until one year post surgery. Whew. I have been in happy tears several times this week. I have spent three and a half years in pain. I do not think I actually belived I would be able to get to a point where I was pain-free.

24 February 2016

Five weeks with new hip

Getting stronger and happier! Been back in swimming pool for several weeks. Physical therapy (hereafter PT) exercises that a year ago were excruciating are now minorly uncomfortable in a stretching/rebuilding kind of way. And my ability to DO them is improving!
Currently aggravating non-ability is, I am not allowed to get in to the position I need, to be able to trim my right foot toenails myself. Until bone growth firmly anchors the new hip to the bone, it has the possibility of dislocating my brand new hip. D does NOT know how to use a nail file/emery board for smoothing edges. Senior center has a foot care person there once a month, but cost is $25.00 for attention. What to do? Probably hand D a nail file to attend to his OWN fingers and toes, until he gains the skill to do mine.
D fell and scraped himself up nicely, coming up the back steps. He is rather frequently the victim of no right side of right eye vision, remnant of the 15 year ago brain hemorrhage. Edges of curb cuts and overhanging branches take him down several times a year.