15 May 2013


I am rather tired of my "new normal", which seems to involve continuous pain, or expectation of pain. Not in the foot, where all the holes were. In the ankle, where everything was held immobile for months. And in the hip, where everything was torqued out of alignment, because of my position in the hospital bed for weeks, and then later by having the crow boot on my injured leg for walking, which was taller than my other leg. So, my whole hip joint is inflamed. I am taking meds to bring down the inflammation. But it seems to be an interminable time that I am having to wait. At this moment, nothing hurts. But I can be fairly sure that when I stand up, my ankle will be VERY sore, as I have been doing ankle flex-point while sitting here. The hip will hurt at unpredictable moments in my movement. I don't get to sleep very consistently, as the hip hurts at night. I also get jolted out of my sleep, screaming, with sudden shooting pain in the hip. I rather hope that this "new normal", full of pain, will pass into another variations of "normal", as I continue moving, doing therapy, etc.

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  1. I hope for your sake that time will bring continued healing. Personally I hate hate hate the term "new normal" and feel about that about how I feel about the words "intermittent" and "camshaft" :D

    I wish that there was a different way to say the concept that new normal is meant to convey, because I too struggle with the permanent and long term but hopefully not permanent changes from my surgery. Still I am very proud of you for all the effort that you are putting out to continue your recovery, Keep Up the good work my dear friend