22 November 2012

Free at last

I finally was released from the nursing home yesterday, after several false starts. My foot is in a buckle-on boot up to my knee, and I am using a walker and/or cane to move around with. Today, I am pet sitting for a family, while they overnight and holiday elsewhere. Two cats, one dog. The cats, D and K, need medication. Bribes lured them over to where I could reach them without falling down. Bribes again afterwards, to reward them for ease of capture. The dog, R, is somewhat anxiety prone. When his family left, he retired to the master bedroom closet. I let him hang out there for quite a while, then went down and sat outside the closet door, with bribes. He wouldn't even get up for those. So I asked him if I could put on his leash, and rewarded him when he said yes. I told him how brave he was to walk beside that scary walker, and issued another bribe. I showed him that his food bowl had been refilled, but he was disdainful. I let him out, while I ate some microwaved soup, then let him back in. Sadly, he headed straight for the bedroom again. I did tell him that he is welcome to come join me on the bed tonight.

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  1. and u r getting along great last time u were over M-i-L. hugs its always nice to talk or see you. u missed the bday 4 E at our house. or did u do it wed at B n M house with H? well all is good. im thankful that u n D will be linked to my life through E. hehe me a father... never planned or wanted then... but the Divine has His own plan... or as i think u would say the universes energy pushes us certain ways when we need it.... anyways love u ttyl.